Q2 Weather: The storm is over, and that means springtime begins in Billings

Posted at 3:09 PM, Mar 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-14 17:09:19-04

BILLINGS- What a difference a day makes. On Wednesday in Billings, we were looking at snow from the I- cam and talking about a blizzard in northern Wyoming.

On Thursday, we have mostly sunny skies with a few puffy high clouds and a temperature that’s 34 degrees at 2 p.m. in Billings.

In fact, all over Montana, we see temperatures into the 20s and 30s here in the early afternoon.

On the threat board, the only thing that still is current is a flood advisory thanks to an ice jam on the Missouri River near Cascade.

On the big threat board, all that winter stuff has moved out of the region and into the Dakotas.

In fact, the only things we have on the Doppler radar and satellite imagery are a few high clouds across south-central Montana and plenty of sunshine everywhere else.

The center of Wednesday’s storm is in Iowa, and it continues to move away from Montana, taking most of the cloudy skies and snow showers.

About the only thing we might see are a few scattered snow showers on the eastern slopes the divide Friday afternoon.

After that, we expect to see mostly sunny skies and warmer temperatures moving in Saturday.

Temperatures will continue to stay into the 30s today.

However, by Friday we will start warming back up into the 40s and slowly work our way into the 50s. In fact, it will be 55 on Wednesday, the first day of spring.


TONIGHT: Mostly clear and cool. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph. Low 19 degrees.

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny and a little warmer. West winds 10 to 20 mph. High 42 degrees.

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny and warmer still. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph. High 45 degrees.