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Pie sales good on “Pi Day” at Billings Perkins

Posted at 6:32 PM, Mar 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:49:50-04

BILLINGS- March 14 is International Pi Day and some are celebrating the mathematical number with pie.

The Billings West End Perkins restaurant had sold about 60 pies by 3 p.m. Thursday, compared to about 20 on this date last year.

Pi is the Greek letter representing the number that is approximately 3.14, which comes from the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

The date 3-14 brings about the celebration of Pi rounded to the first two decimal places. It was first recognized by Congress in 2009.

Perkins did not do any special Pi Day advertising, but sent out an e-club blast, showing a free slice of pie with an entree.

For the last five years, Pi Day has been good for pie sales.

“It is surprising,” said Craig Hohn, general manager of the Perkins. “I knew that we’d have a little bit more, but I didn’t expect that many. I’d like to think it’s because we have great pies, but the date has a lot to do with it.”

Perkins was ready with about 80 pies and baked more in the afternoon.

“We fresh bake them every day,” Hohn said. “The internet said it’s Pi Day now, and it’s caught on. It’s a slow time of year, so it’s nice having people come in the door.”

Hohn said Pi Day is the third biggest day for Pie sales at Perkins,  behind Thanksgiving and Christmas.