Dentistry From the Heart favorite day for Brewer Dental Center

Posted at 6:42 PM, Feb 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-16 20:42:19-05

Dentists volunteered their time to give free dental work to about 400 people on Saturday.

Brewer Dental Center held its 14th annual Dentistry from the Heart.

“It’s amazing,” said Dr. Russell Homer, dentist/owner at Brewer Dental. “It’s our favorite day.”

Homer says it takes about 15 dentists and 70 volunteers for the free services.

“You get to hear some stories,” he said. “You get to hear life struggles from people  and you get to be part of a solution. Getting someone out of pain is so gratifying.”

Some were standing outside waiting in line at 5:15 am.

“We’ve arranged for a heated tent to try to make it more comfortable,” Homer said. “We’re getting so efficient. You don’t’ have to get here the night before. You don’t have to get here at 5 am.”

Homer says the dentists see patients every 20 to 30 minutes in 35 chairs.

The dental work includes a filling, extraction or cleaning.

“Oh it’s very special because I’m on a fixed income,” said Melisa Bell. “Going to the dentist doesn’t fit my pocket book very good.”

“I think it’s just fantastic,” said Tammy Jones. “I don’t have dental insurance.”

And they‘re very appreciative for the help.

“They give from the heart,” Bell said. “You can feel it and it makes it special.”

“It’s just great,” Jones said. “Must be wonderful people to do that.”

Russell says a lot happens before seeing patients.

“A lot of great volunteers behind the scenes that are setting up rooms, that are cleaning,” Russell said. “I love even from our community, we get so much support.”

“I just want to say thank you to Brewer Dental,” Jones said.

“If we could all say thank you in a way that I say thank you,” Bell said. “I’m a hugger. I would love to hug everybody.”

Before this year, Brewer Dental Center had given $1.4 million worth of free dental work to 4,000 patients during Dentistry from the Heart.