North Dakota voters reject legalized marijuana

Posted at 8:05 AM, Nov 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-08 10:05:40-05
North Dakota marijuana
A measure to legalize recreational marijuana in North Dakota failed.

North Dakota was one of two states attempting to legalize recreational marijuana during the Tuesday election.

While it passed in Michigan, North Dakota voted against Ballot Measure 3, the measure that would have de-scheduled pot in the state and expunged all non-marijuana-related related crimes.

The measure failed by a margin of 41 percent in favor to 59 percent against.

One of the supporters of the measure said he’ll continue to fight for legalization, for those who need marijuana medicine and won’t be able to get access to it under the strict guidelines currently in place.

“The types of symptoms and illnesses that a person needs to have to qualify for a medical card is very slim,” said Darius Endres. “So you have to have one of the illnesses, you have to be able to afford the medicinal, and then you have to hope you have a hospital that’s going to play a part in the medicinal role. So with all of those factors, the chances of getting a medical card are very slim. Measure 3 frees that up for everybody.”

Endres said he will be a part of the support group for the next election, but hopes in the meantime President Trump steps in and legalizes marijuana federally.

The author of Measure 3, Dave Owen, said he thinks the measure was written well, but knows there has been some criticism.

Owen is willing to meet with lawmakers in crafting legislation that works for all North Dakotans. For now, he’s not certain there will be another go-round for the group “Legalize ND.”

“We’ll all have to meet up, all the sponsors and figure out, ‘Are we willing to try again?’ And I can’t speak for 29 other people,” Owen said. “I know where I’m at personally, and that is I would personally try again. But I’ve got to see what the sponsorship committee wants to do.”

He added it’s never been his intention to make DUIs legal or smoking in public. His drive in writing this measure was to clear records and give non-violent offenders a fresh lease on life.

By Renee Cooper – KXNews