Widespread damage reported as storm slams Lovell

Posted at 5:53 AM, Jul 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-27 07:53:50-04

LOVELL, Wyo. – A fast moving storm moved through Lovell, Wyo. Thursday evening causing widespread damage.

The Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office posted this notice on Facebook:

A fast moving violent storm has just passed through the Lovell area as you well know. There is a large amount of property damage at this time in the Lovell area. Our primary concern are that people continue to shelter in place. It is important we know about property damage in an appropriate time frame. Our current immediate need is life safety and life safety threats. The Lovell Fire department with the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office and other emergency service agencies are currently being stretched to capacity. Please we are requesting that all citizens that are able to, please check with your neighbors, family members, and friends for the following.
1. Any injuries that need attention.
2. Any medical conditions that require electricity in their home as the power is expected to be out for the foreseeable future. 
3. Any power lines down near homes, in their yard, or street. 
4. If any if the previous conditions exist please contact the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office at 307.568.2324 or Lovell PD 307.548.2215 or the Lovell Fire Department 307.548.6427.

Please understand we are very busy and continue to call until you are able to speak to a person.

Damage to residences should be written down and photos taken if possible and reported to the appropriate insurance agents. Understand they will probably be busy for some time.

If people are aware their neighbors are not home and there is damage done to their residence please call an above listed number.

Any faith based organizations, clubs, or groups should contact their members and assess the above requested information.

Thank you for your assistance and we will have regular updates as we can.