Runners enjoy Rims 2 River on Billings trails

Posted at 5:26 PM, Jul 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-08 19:26:04-04

Some local runners have been looking for a longer race, so the Yellowstone Rim Runners held the very first Rims 2 River on Sunday morning.

The 8-K race started at Sword’s Park.

The 15-K race started across from Billings Logan International Airport.

The races use part of the Billings trail system and finish at Coulson Park.

The Rim runners went with something different than the normal 5-K and 10-K runs.

The 8-K is nearly five miles and the 15-K is 9.3 miles.

“This is a nod back to the runs back in the 70’s when we did five mile and 10 mile runs,” said Russ Palmer, committee chair for Rims 2 run. “And of course use the most prominent features in Billings, our beautiful rims and the majestic Yellowstone (River).  Why wouldn’t you have a run?  It’s safer, it keeps runners off the street. We’re not dealing with traffic. It’s just a better situation for events like this,"

"It’s a safe place, it’s away from traffic,” said Kristi Drake, executive director for TrailNet. “That’s the biggest part. And also just celebrating running is so much fun. I say a huge hearty thank you for everybody that’s running this race because the proceeds do go to our trail system."

As Kristi Drake said the run raises money for Billings Trail System.

She said it’s the only run on the trails that is a benefit for TrailNet

About 150 ran in Rims 2 River.