Impending heat wave brings chance of rare 100 degree day to Billings

Posted at 11:00 AM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 13:00:40-04

With the first heat wave of the summer season set to impact Montana beginning today, we are in for our yearly reminder that even up here in the north things can get downright stifling come July.

Forecast temperatures for today are right around that 100 degree mark for most of the state east of the continental divide.

Here in Billings, the forecast high is 99 degrees but triple digits are certainly within reach.

Even if we stay shy of the century mark, today will likely be the warmest day since last July 15, when temperatures registered at 100 degrees.

Last July was one of the hottest months in recent record, with average daily high temperatures of just over 93 degrees, well over the long term July average of 87 degrees.

Two of the hottest three summer days of the last 5 years happened last July, the 15 and the 5, with triple digit temperatures on both of those dates.

The only other 100 degree day in the last 5 years came back in 2014 on July 24.

So stay tuned to see if we add another triple digit day to that short list, and try to stay frosty in the coming days.

Spend limited time outside, drink lots of fluids, wear sunscreen and never leave children or animals in cars for any length of time.