Liberty and Vine Country Store opens downtown

Posted at 7:20 AM, Jul 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-02 09:20:14-04

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A local couple transformed an old Montana Avenue warehouse into a country mercantile store. 

"So the center side of the building was built in 1914. The east side and the west side were additions, probably built in the late 1940’s." Amy Pawlowski, owner of Liberty and Vine Country store said. 

The building was once the Carpenter paper mill, built in 1914.

"When we saw this building, I fell in love with the brick, and my husband fell in love with the parking lot, and we knew that this was our spot to call home." Pawlowski said. 

Liberty and Vine Country store is a country mercantile store with retail on one side and antique vendors on the other.

The building is reminiscent of a different time and so many items inside are, too.

"Because it’s not things, especially for our generation that we get to see, some of it has that worn down, rustic charm though, so it’s lived," sales associate Bethany Hudson said.

The country store also features a market, with fresh grocery items produced around the state. 

"We were looking for Montana vendors, and local vendors who made quality items, because I’m a Montana girl."

When asked why they chose to create this space, "I love nostalgia, I think that things that we remember from when we were a kid make us feel special as an adult, you’ll pick up something and you’ll remember it, and it will just make you feel, like a kid again." Pawlowski said. 

In the fall, Liberty and Vine hopes to hold Farmer’s Markets in their loading dock area where they can provide pumpkins, and apples and seasonal Montana produce. 

Liberty and Vine Country Store is located at 2019 Montana Avenue.