Tom Brokaw, former NBC anchor, talks health care in Billings

Posted at 10:55 PM, Jun 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-29 00:55:46-04

BILLINGS – Tom Brokaw said Thursday in Billings that cancer has given him a good look at people in the medical profession.

Brokaw, the longtime anchor of NBC Nightly News, spoke at the Billings Clinic Commons about the need to work together on health care and other issues.

He said besides his family, his greatest accomplishment is his book "The Greatest Generation," which told stories about Americans during World War II.

He says being diagnosed with multiple myeloma has educated him further on those who take care of patients.

"Having cancer has been one of the most instructive experiences of my life because I came face to face with mortality,” Brokaw said. “I learned most importantly about the people who dedicate their lives 24-7 to try and find a cure, to try and make my life easier and the lives of all kinds of people who have cancer, easier as well.”

“And I have become even more than I was before, this enormous advocate for the people who are involved in health care in this country. We’ve got a lot issues we’re dealing with right now, politically and culturally. But the one thing we can be most proud of is that we are the country that leads the world, not just in compassion, not just in resources, but in dedication to the people who want to help their fellow citizens be better and get through life ."

Brokaw said hospitals are an example of how the country should work, with people showing up for work to help others.