Montana lieutenant governor tours Sun River floods

Posted at 8:46 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 22:46:04-04

SUN RIVER – On Friday, Montana Lt. Gov. Cooney toured flooded areas and met with people affected by flooding along the Sun River.

In addition, health specialists met with first-responders and flood victims to provide information on sanitation and clean-up operations. 

Millie Olsen, a sanitarian with the Cascade City-County Health Department, said, “We really want to try and help with the flood recovery efforts. Flooding is unexpected, it’s sudden, and not often are people prepared, so anything we can do to help people recovering get back to their day-to-day live, we will do.”

Cooney was met with piles of debris left in the road after the flood waters receded and talked with some folks who had water damage in their homes. There was still a fair amount of water covering the roads and livestock is still placed on higher ground.

Cooney said while it’s going to be a while before things get back to normal, people aren’t letting this bring them down.

“These sorts of disasters are hard on people, but these communities come together. They want to help each other, they’re willing to do whatever it takes, and the people I spoke to, their spirits were pretty daggone high,” said Cooney. “Yes, they’ve through a lot, they’re somewhat in shock. For some of them, it’s not the first flood they’ve been through, but they’re going to get through it, but this is tough. This disrupts people’s lives.”

He added that there will continue to be resources available, like the health event at the LDS church Friday morning.

People who had flood damage could go there for help and information.

The Cascade County Health Department sanitarians answered questions about contaminated wells, septic systems and mold.

Nurses were also on site giving out tetanus vaccinations for free to emergency responders and anyone impacted by flooding.

The Salvation Army and The American Red Cross were on hand as well, answering questions, providing refreshments, and handing out cleaning kits.

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