Idaho youth football team lift overturned car to save trapped woman

Posted at 4:20 AM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-01 06:20:10-04

An Idaho youth football team won their championship in California over Memorial Day weekend. But what they did on the trip home showed their true strength as a team.

The Boise Black Knights were on their way back to Idaho when they passed an overturned car in Jordan Valley, Oregon. The boys, age 13 and under, rushed to help the couple trapped underneath the vehicle.

"We wanted to know if they were okay," team member Regan Magill told CBS Dallas/Fort Worth. "It wasn’t really something we thought about. We just instantly pulled over."

The boys rescued the man from the overturned car first and walked him to safety by the side of the road. Then the players rushed to help the woman who was trapped by her seatbelt. They cut the belt with a knife and worked together to heroically lift the car above the ground to free her.

The couple saved from the car wreck have not been named and their condition was not known.

Magill’s video of the rescue went viral this week on social media, earning the team national recognition. Magill told ABC News coach Rudy Jackson is the real person to thank for the team’s actions.

"He taught us to play selfless football and not be selfish, just help others out before yourself," Magill said. 

Coach Jackson also spoke to ABC News Thursday morning, beaming with pride.

"Me, right now talking about it, I’m getting emotional because I’ve watched these boys grow. And they came a long way. They’re amazing young men," Jackson said.