Search called off for hunters missing in backcountry

Posted at 8:40 AM, May 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-30 10:40:18-04

The Idaho County sheriff says he is calling off the search for four missing hunters whose vehicle overturned into the Selway River west of Darby last week.

Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings told KPAX that after Tuesday there will not be anyone from his office remaining at the remote site.

The accident happened last Monday. The group of six were in an SUV when it crashed and rolled into the Selway river.

Two of the men swam to safety but the other four, including a man from Bozeman, are still missing.

Giddings said that at this point search efforts are unlikely to be successful. 

“There comes an end to everything that happens and the likelihood that the search is going to come up with anything at this point is very unlikely and at some point you have to say, okay, how long you want to search? What happens now? We will deal with whatever happens. Maybe that’s a good way to answer it. If the bodies are in the river they will eventually come up and someone will see them and they will call us and we will go recover the bodies.”

Giddings added that this is a really sad case for their sheriff’s office and that tough river conditions make that area difficult to search in.

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