Q2 Weather Update: Wet weather to come means flooding concerns persist

Posted at 3:04 PM, May 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-27 17:04:49-04

Things have stayed drier than expected here in this long weekend Sunday, but that is not expected to stay the case.

Rain is forecast for the overnight hours heading into a rainy Holiday Monday.

We’re heading up to a high temperature in the low 70’s today before things get wet in the overnight hours.

There is a low pressure system coming out of Utah that is driving our current weather pattern and is expected to created significant upslope winds tonight into tomorrow. This flow pattern will allow the abundance of moisture in the atmosphere to rain itself out.

This incoming rain is keeping the flood forecasts basically as expected. This means major flooding along the Yellowstone River here in Billings, with a predicted peak level on Tuesday afternoon, but flooding conditions beginning well before that.

The Clarks Fork is also still flood to see major flooding impacts. The time frame here is slightly advanced, with peak levels forecast for Monday afternoon/evening.

There have been additional flood watches added for the southeastern counties of Montana as well as Sheridan County, where there was heavy rain observed already and more is expected.

Now is the time to be prepared for the impacts of flooding. As always, do not attempt to walk or drive through flowing flood waters, 6 inches of water can knock you off your feet and afoot is enough to sweep away a vehicle.