Prayer vigil for Great Falls woman presumed to have drowned in the Missouri River

Posted at 9:28 PM, Apr 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-30 23:28:08-04

The father of the Great Falls woman who was reported to have fallen into the Missouri River in Great Falls has confirmed her name.

Tommy Roberts told MTN News on Monday that they are "90 percent" sure that his 21-year old daughter Brittney Roberts is the young woman who was spotted in the river last Monday.Brittney Roberts

Search and rescue crews spent most of Monday looking for Brittney, and have been back out on the water and along the shore six times since then trying to find her. 

The search has been hampered by weather and debris in the water. 

Roberts says they will be holding a prayer vigil at the Absarokee High School football field at 9 p.m. tonight.

Smith Funeral Chapels of Laurel & Columbus posted the following message on Facebook:

A Prayer Vigil for Brittney Roberts will be held at the Absarokee High School football field, 327 Woodard Avenue, Absarokee on Monday, April 30th at 9:00 p.m.

Please join Brittney’s family in candle light prayer for the recovery of Brittney’s body. Please bring your own candles. 

Memorials can be made at Altana Federal Credit Union in Brittney’s name or by mail Brittney Robert Memorial, c/o Angela Kallevig, Altana, P.O. Box 143, Columbus, MT 59019 to help the family with expenses.

Brittney leaves behind a 1 1/2-year old son, and a fiancee.

Her fiancee posted on Facebook several day ago: "They have an idea of where she is but it could take up to six weeks because of being in an eddy (whirlpool-like thing) unless a current brings her up sooner."

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