Montana’s ‘Rednek Robotics’ team claims another world championship

Posted at 7:54 PM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 21:54:49-04

GREAT FALLS – The Rednek Robotics team from Sun River are once again world champions.

The team took first place at the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship in Houston over the weekend.

Rednek Robotics consists of kids from Vaughn, Simms and Fairfield. The team has competed in the world championship four times in the last five years and won the championship three out of the four years.

Members with the group said they are the only team to ever win back-to-back years and the only team to have won worlds three times.

According to Coach Chuck Merja, the final matches are played in front of over 20,000 people in Minute Maid Stadium where the Houston Astros play.

"Watching all of them interact and solve problems in a pressure cooker gives one a lot of hope for the future," he said.

The season began on Sept. 14, 2017 with the reveal of the new program, "Relic Recovery."

The program was a challenge game-field that required robots to manipulate six-inch cubes and stack them into different patterns.

Rednek Robotics went undefeated at the Montana state tournament. They also competed in state tournaments for Utah and Idaho.

They won the FTC West Super Regional tournament, which qualified them for the World competition.

A second World tournament was played in St. Louis.

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