Will voters pass $49.9 million bond for new Lockwood High School?

Posted at 6:26 PM, Apr 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-20 20:26:52-04

Ballots went in the mail today for a nearly $50 million bond proposal by Lockwood schools to build a new high school.

In February, the Lockwood School Board of Trustees unanimously approved placing the plan on the ballot. Last November, voters overwhelmingly approved an initial action authorizing the school district to move forward.   

"Part of the reason why the bond is for $49.9 million, there is a lot of other improvements. One thing is we won’t be K-8  and 9-12 like (Billings school) district 2. We will actually be a K-12 district. One of the big things that have come up is the opportunity for our kids to participate. Sometimes they struggle with the travel back and forth to Billings," Lockwood Superintendent Tobin Novasio said.  

If passed, voters can expect to see an extensive list of new construction as well as additions to the existing land, Novasio said. 

"They have tried to take a long-term approach with this, including the cost of operations and maintenance and a focus on community. The project will include a football, track and soccer stadium. Lockwood, the school, is really the center of our community. The high school has a large meeting room that will be available for the community. Then our plans are to also have the library act as open community library as well," Novasio said.

If passed, the first graduating class would be the students who are in the sixth grade right now.