Billings Flying Service putting water tanks inside helicopters to better fight fires

Posted at 6:41 PM, Apr 19, 2018

Five years ago, Billings Flight Service pushed the envelope of helicopter aviation when they became the first commercial owner, operators of CH 47 Chinook helicopters.

Since then the behemoth twin rotar choppers, owned by brothers Gary and Al Blaine, have flown the globe contracting for transports, heavy lifts, and fighting fires.

Now the company is pushing the envelope once again. This time innovating new systems and technologies to better equip the Chinook to put out fires. Instead of hauling buckets beneath the giant choppers, the brothers have installed a water-tank system inside the Chinooks, allowing them to better avoid tall structures. 

MTN Chief Photographer Paul Humphrey took to the skies to show us why these Billings helicopters could quickly become the most sought after fire fighting resource in the country.