Q2 Weather: A Country Wide Weather Story

Posted at 9:34 PM, Apr 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-15 23:34:32-04

Sunday Night Update:

There has been some noteworthy weather affecting the eastern portion of the country over the last two days. And this weather has Montana ties. It is the same system that rolled through Montana in the middle of last week and left you either snowy or soggy, depending on where you live.

The same system that dropped a record 1.04 inches of precipitation on Miles City in 24 hours has only gotten deeper and stronger since pushing east out of Montana.

The storm now has a very well defined cold front that is spawning severe weather and even tornadoes. There was a tornado that tore through an Arkansas town causing heavy damage. This system is causing severe storms almost the entire depth of the country. Currently it is impacting the coastal states from Florida all the way up to the nation’s capital.  

On the northern side of the storm there is snowfall and right around the freezing line there is mixed precipitation and wide areas of freezing rain.

The system is also dragging cold air south, far south. Like all the way to the Gulf of Mexico kind of South. It was warmer here in Billings today than it was in New Orleans. That is the type of span this system has. It is dragging cold air all the way down to Louisiana. Temperatures across the Midwest are well below seasonal, with Omaha barely cracking the freezing mark and St Louis only 43.

This makes our recent streak of spring weather taste even sweeter. We can look forward to another nice day to start the week before things cool off a bit for Tuesday as we get a cold front of our own. Temperatures will rebound to be right around seasonal for most of the week.