Q2 Forecast Update: Spring arrives in Billings

Posted at 9:04 PM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 23:04:22-04

Saturday Night Update:

Things are looking decidedly more like spring in our outlook this weekend. Finally, I get to deliver a forecast that does not have the chance of snow.

We are currently at around 40 degrees outside after the remnants of yesterday’s storm left much of the state in a cold air mass. Well below seasonal temperatures were common for much of Montana today. These cool temperatures will continue into the overnight period as we head down to a low temperature of under 30 degrees. 

These cold temperatures combined with the abundance of moisture dropped down by the storm mean that the appearance of patchy fog is a very good bet for late tonight and tomorrow morning. That fog should burn off relatively early in the day as we warm up to a more seasonal high temperature tomorrow afternoon.

Fueling this warmup will be a wind shift. A large trough will push into the western Rockies tomorrow, creating a southwest flow through the southern half of the state. This southwest wind is a warm one for us as the down sloping allows the air to heat up and dry out by the time it reaches us. We are heading up to a near seasonal high temperature for tomorrow, right around 53 degrees.

The outlook for the rest of the weekend is just as pleasant. Sunday we likely hit the 60-degree mark. The work week starts warm with our nicest day of the week. Temperatures in the mid 60s for Monday. 

Another system heads our way on Monday night into the morning on Tuesday. This system likely drops some showers in our region and cools temperatures down but will be much less severe than the system that just rolled through. Tuesday is our coolest day of the week as the result of this system, but things will rebound for Wednesday. Temperatures will be back up just shy of seasonal for later in the week.

Enjoy the weekend. Get out and do whatever spring things you have yet to have the chance to because of our weather. For me personally, Monday looks like a great day to break out the golf clubs and warm up my wintry swing.