ArtWalk Downtown Billings opens 24th season on Friday

Posted at 1:51 PM, Apr 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-03 15:51:59-04

Although the forecast is not for terribly springlike weather, ArtWalk Downtown Billings will welcome spring’s arrival with the opening of its 24th season on Friday, April 6, from 5 to 9 p.m.

Last Best News has compiled an entire list of participants.

The new season will feature six ArtWalk events, up from the traditional five, with subsequent events planned every other month, on the first Fridays of June, August, October and December 2018 and February 2019.

The 24th season line-up includes 31 season members that will be open for all six ArtWalk events. This is the largest number of season members in ArtWalk’s history. They include art galleries, studios, museums, a downtown church and other “art-worthy” venues hosting artists to celebrate the eclectic, creative spirit alive in downtown Billings.

George Kelting, ArtWalk’s docent, will answer questions and give directions on the sidewalk outside the Downtown Billings Alliance, 2815 Second Ave. N. from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

Three one-time participants are in the April line-up:

♦ Free Spirit Rock School Band returns to Hooligan’s, 113 N. Broadway.

♦ “Nature’s Essence,” featuring work by Nikki Shiva and other artists, shows at LimberTree Yoga Studio, 212 N. 29th St.

♦ Cassie Crafton Kramer and 509 Square Feet Pottery will set up their vintage Shasta trailer showroom at 2315 Montana Ave. between The Rex and NOVA.

As always, all ArtWalk events are free and family-friendly. ArtWalk goes on regardless of inclement weather. Downtown on-street metered parking is free and parking garage rates vary.

ArtWalk maps can be downloaded from and Printed maps can be found at all ArtWalk locations and in the Billings Visitor’s Guide. Images and gallery notes are posted at

Season members

♦ Aspinwall Mountain Wear, 103 N. Broadway, welcomes Iron Bark Designs to the downtown casual wear store.

♦ ART 2905 (Montana Avenue) hosts Jodi Lightner’s MSUB Advanced Sculpture and Advanced Drawing students and their exhibit, “Activating Space: 2018,” which explores the dynamics between space and line.

♦ Barjons, 223 N. 29th St., features returning artist Chery Ehresman. She works in three mediums: photography, mixed media and semi-precious stone jewelry and calls her exhibit “The Goddess Collection.”

♦ Black Dagger Tattoo, 2914 First Ave. N., makes its ArtWalk debut with selections from resident artists Seth White, Sean Sapone and Ranen Royer. The exhibit, influenced by Americana imagery and folk art, pays homage to the history and traditions of tattooing as an art form.

♦ Clark Marten Photography,, 2606 Montana Ave., hosts photographer Jamie Walters, owner of CJ Creative and Consulting. Having grown up on an Iowa farm, Walters finds that her midwestern upbringing often sneaks into her art.

♦ Corby Skinner, 622 N. 29th St., shows “Color Triptych,” one of three 16-by-16-inch oil pastel drawings on black paper and other works at his historic residence and studio known as “The Castle.”


“Under the Spring Moon” by Diane Teske Harris is part of the show at Toucan Gallery.

♦ Dickey’s BBQ, 2519 Montana Ave., showcases artist Katie Ericksen, who works in photography and other mediums.  She is keen on finding color, textures, patterns, rhythms and perspective in her subject matter.

♦ Downtown Billings Alliance, 2815 Second Ave. N., welcomes the 604 Group, which returns for its fourth exhibit. The lively, talented, multi-faceted group includes Brownie Snyder, Susan Stone, Scotta Anderson, Carol Welch, Carrie Sharp and Julie Peterson.

♦ First Congregational Church UCC, 310 N. 27th St., introduces artist Beth Huhtala during the April ArtWalk. Huhtala works with watercolors that explore children’s stories, fables and memories and lead viewers on their own journeys. Food, beverages and music.

♦ Gallery Interiors, 2814 Second Ave. N., celebrates the always interesting and evocative original work of its gallery artists amid its fine furniture and delightful gift items.

♦ Gallery Nine – Connie Dillon Fine Art, 2511 Montana Ave., No. 9, returns to the ArtWalk with a selection of new paintings to fit any collector’s budget. Its April ArtWalk theme is “Flow,” celebrating Montana’s aesthetic, powerful and rejuvenating rivers and streams.

♦ Global Village, 2720 Third Ave. N., welcomes back photographer Mike Downing.  “I love life and experiencing things I find so beautifully extraordinary,” says Downing. “There are visages that make me catch my breath. Tears brim my eyes and I say, ‘Wow! That is so amazing!’ ”

♦ Harry Koyama Fine Art, 2509 Montana Ave., displays vivid impressionist paintings in a gallery adjacent to Koyama’s working studio. Koyama’s paintings are highly sought by local, regional and international art collectors.

♦ Jakes, 2701 First Ave. N., makes its ArtWalk debut with an exhibit of artwork by its staff and local artists.

♦ Kennedy’s Stained Glass, 2923 Second Ave. N., introduces “Marilyn,” a stunning art glass piece created with fusing, slumping and mosaic techniques by resident artists Susan Sommerfeld and Sherina McIntyre.

♦ Liberty and Vine, 2019 Montana Ave., won’t be open until the June 1 ArtWalk.  They are excited to be a part of ArtWalk and look forward to meeting you. Stay tuned as it will be quite exciting!

♦ Mann Mortgage, 2511 Montana Ave., features Robert Tompkins as its guest artist.   Tompkins is a highly regarded impressionist painter who has garnered several awards.  CASA, the  designated non-profit to receive a percentage of  ArtWalk sales, provides volunteer advocates for Montana children in foster care.

♦ Montana Gallery, 2710 Second Ave. N., presents “Back Roads, a new exhibit of Tyler Murphy’s work. Many of his plein air paintings feature Montana winter landscapes replete with sagebrush, cows and haystacks.

♦ McCormick Cafe, 2419 Montana Ave., hosts Billings Senior High Art teacher Kim Jette. Her work expresses her impressions of  real and imaginary worlds.


Beth Huhtala’s watercolor will be on display at Billings First Church UCC.

♦ North Acre Real Estate, 2700 Second Ave. N., welcomes Billings artist Marie Taylor.  Taylor works primarily with oils, encaustics and wax.

♦ Prodigal Gallery, 2517 Montana Ave., features work by selected artists in the reception area of the Penelope L. Strong Law Office.

♦ Real Deals, 2525 Minnesota Ave., introduces local artist, Beau Malia, at its first ArtWalk. Malia creates art using anything old and rusty. Recent works include metal sculpture, wall art and custom furniture.

♦ Sandstone Gallery, 2913 Second Ave. N., Billings’ only artist co-op, presents new  floral works by Lana Bittner created with watercolor, ink and alcohol, oils by Louise Payovich and new photography by guest artist Phil Bell.

♦ Stapleton Gallery, 104 N. Broadway, Suite 204, presents “The Darkest Light,” a special installation of work curated by Jennifer Eli French. It includes work by 14 artists, including French.

♦ SCRaP Creative Annex, 1702 First Ave. N., “where the community comes to create,” holds an open house in its exciting new work area.

♦ Stephen Haraden Studio, 2911 Second Ave. N., No. 235, shows new works and works in progress. Ask Stephen how he incorporates ink drawings and selected elements from previous paintings into new art work pieces.

♦ Straight ‘n Arrow, 2715 First Ave. N.,  welcomes back Laurie Nash of Laurel and her intriguing antler art creations. Food and refreshments.

♦ Terakedis Fine Art and Jewelry, 112 N. Broadway, presents new works by artists Lori Blaylock (Billings) and Jim Hagstrom (Cody, Wyoming). Blaylock specializes in unique, wearable art pieces. Hagstrom finds his inspiration for his paintings in the landscapes of Wyoming.

♦ Toucan Gallery, 2505 Montana Ave., celebrates works by three artists who joyously express the Spring season: painter Diane Harris, jewelry-maker Maria Gotta and painter Kelsey McDonnell, who has added to her series, “Four Years of Flowers.”

♦ Underground Culture Krew, 12 N. 29th St., kicks off the new season in newly renovated gallery space. Tyson Middle invites you to check out his new digs and new art. Support your locally owned and operated graffiti shop where it is UCKALLDAY!

♦ Yellowstone Art Museum, 401 N. 27th St., offers free admission, free parking and free drinks for new members, with a 4 p.m. start and music. Three new exhibits are up: “Rough and Tumble, Smoke and Rope,” a multimedia event celebrating ranch life in Yellowstone County; “Nature’s Cadence,” an exhibit of work by Clyde Aspevig, Montana’s celebrated landscape artist; and “Quiet Harmonies,” a special showing of landscapes by Emil Carlsen.