Great Falls man charged after allegedly molesting six-year-old girl

Posted at 2:16 PM, Mar 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-31 16:16:00-04

GREAT FALLS – Joseph Allan Counts, 32, has been charged with felony sexual intercourse without consent after allegedly telling police he had molested a six-year-old girl. 

According to court documents, a woman reported to the Great Falls Police Department that the girl had told her Counts had touched her inappropriately. 

The woman told police it occurred several times while at Counts’ house where the girl visited Counts with her non-custodial mother.

The girl was brought to the Cascade County Child Advocacy Center where she told police Counts had touched her private area and she had touched him.

Counts was arrested and told a Great Falls Police detective that he "has a problem and he needs help."

According to court documents, Counts admitted that what the girl said was true but he does not need to be put on the sex offender registry. 

He said he has a crush on the girl’s mother and thought of the girl as his daughter.

During phone calls to his parents, Counts admitted to molesting the girl.

Counts is reported as saying that if the detective looked at his cell phone, he would find "a lot of things that he was fantasizing about."

The State has requested bond be set at $50,000.

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