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What to buy in March, and a few things to skip

Great month for shopping for the great outdoors
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Posted at 4:31 AM, Mar 01, 2024

 Springtime is almost here, and with it comes some great shopping deals. The month of March means it’s time to start thinking about the great outdoors once again.

At Ace Hardware, shoppers like Alex Chavez are getting ready to spend on springtime sprucing up.

"We're definitely going to be buying flowers, tables, and chairs for the deck," Chavez said.

Ace store associate Ed Rooch says the store is now filled with springtime garden supplies.

"We got mulch in the back we got a week ago," Rooch said. "So we have a couple of tons of mulch."

Consumer Reports: What to buy

Samantha Gordon, the deals editor for Consumer Reports, finds the best monthly sales. With temperatures warming up, she says now is the time to look for landscaping markdowns.

"Hedge trimmers, chain saws, any kind of lawnmower you might need for any size yard, there tend to be big discounts around them," she said, as stores are fully stocked and want to move as much as possible.

As for inside your house, apartment, or condo, you will find deals, too, such as spring cleaning products.

"There are robotic mops that can help out," Gordon said. "There are steam cleaners, carpet cleaners. All of these sorts of things tend to be discounted this time of year."

And with "sleep awareness week" coming up, she says mattresses, bedding, and pillows are just some of the items you'll see discounted.

"Sleep accessories like alarm clocks and sleep masks and even air purifiers all tend to go on sale around the middle of the month," Gordon said.

What's worth buying?

So how can you tell which sales are worth it? Go to Consumer Reports’ Deals Page, where Gordon tracks the prices of products her team has tested.

"We can alert you as fast as possible to what's actually on sale and what's going to be worth your money," she said.

If you try something new, remember that all Consumer Reports recommendations have been tested.

"We're only telling you about deals on products that are going to work the way that they're intended," she said.

So, what's not on sale in March? It's not the biggest month for sales on electronics, appliances, or furniture, though you will always find some deals. Those saw their biggest markdowns over Presidents' Day a couple of weeks earlier and will be marked down again during Memorial Day sales.

But from mowers to grills and yard tools to vacuum cleaners this month, Rooch says stores are stocked and waiting for you, making March a great time to prepare your home for a great summer ahead.

That way you don’t waste your money.


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