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What to buy, and not buy, in the month of February

Great deals around Presidents' Day weekend
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Posted at 4:29 AM, Feb 02, 2024

From appliances and furniture to big-screen TVs, February discounts can be great if you know where to look and when to shop. So we are looking into the best things to buy during the month of February.

We found Kelly Edmunds loading up groceries outside a busy Target store but dreaming of big February sales.

"I am looking to redo a bedroom, so I'll definitely see what's going on Presidents' Day," Edmunds said.

Rainbow Smith and her mom are planning to shop the big sales, too.

"Definitely a TV and furniture for sure," she said.

They both have the right idea, though when it comes to deals, timing is important.

When you will find the best sales this month

"It's better to wait for one of those bigger sale moments to get the best discount," Samantha Gordon, deals editor for Consumer Reports, said.

So where will you find the best discounts?

HDTV sales

"With the big game coming up, we're seeing a lot of great HDTV discounts," Gordon said.

The days around the game bring lots of markdowns on name-brand TVs like Samsung, Sony, and LG, unlike on Black Friday when off brands see the biggest discounts.

Stores are marking down some of their big 75-inch and 65-inch TVs just in time for the Super Bowl.

Mattresses, appliances, and furniture

Next on her list are beds and mattresses.

"Whether you're looking for something higher end, like a Saatva mattress, or something more affordable, like a Tuft & Needle Nod mattress," she said, there are huge bedding discounts.

Gordon says you can shop now, but may want to wait until Presidents' Day weekend for the deepest discounts.

When it comes to large appliances, she says now is the time to get that new dishwasher, refrigerator or dryer.

"We tend to see sales start within the first week or two of the month, and they will go all month long," she said.

You will also find sales on furniture, like bedroom sets and couches.

Clothing sales

February sales are also the perfect time for college students to shop, as lots of clothing goes on sale. But how do you know which discounts are worth it?

If you're unsure how to start, Consumer Reports’ deals page does the research for you.

"We test all sorts of models in all price ranges, all styles, so you can figure out exactly what you're looking for," Gordon said,

No matter what you need to buy, make sure you do some homework because not everything is on sale in February. For instance, summer clothing is now hitting the racks with very few markdowns.

In addition, if an item is low quality, such as a low-end microwave oven, it might not be worth buying.

"If you find a good deal and the product's no good, then you're not really saving any money," Gordon said.

That way you don’t waste your money.


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