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Mom arrested for mixing drink that sent son's classmate to hospital

The mother allegedly made the nontoxic beverage to deter her son's classmates from stealing it, as they had before.
Mom arrested for mixing drink that sent son's classmate to hospital
Posted at 3:05 PM, Mar 07, 2024

A Texas mother was arrested after allegedly mixing a drink that sent her son's classmate to a hospital.

Jennifer Lynn Rossi is charged with injury to a child causing bodily injury, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. The 45-year-old was arrested Tuesday following the incident at Legacy Traditional School — Alamo Ranch in Texas.

Authorities said Rossi gave her son a sports drink bottle that contained a mixture of lemon, salt and vinegar. She concocted the drink "to allegedly prevent her son's drink from being stolen at school by other students," the sheriff's office said.

The "nontoxic" drink was then given to her son's classmate during P.E. class, and shortly after consuming the mixture, the child "began experiencing nausea and a headache," according to authorities.

The child was taken to a hospital, where "staff informed the investigator that the child victim required additional medical monitoring and would eventually be discharged from the hospital."

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