Jason Stiff


Meteorologist Jason Stiff joined KTVQ and the Q2 Storm Tracker Weather team in September 2023. Jason is a Montana native who grew up in Dillon. Jason's mother was born and raised in Billings, graduating from Billings Senior and then Montana State University where she met Jason's father, who was raised in Bozeman, and also played for the Montana State Bobcats.

Jason's interest in weather began when he was young, and he loves forecasting. He considers weather forecasting an important, exciting, and fun responsibility. Jason earned both B.S. and M.S. degrees in meteorology from the University of Utah. As an undergraduate, he also worked for the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City for four years.

He has always loved living and working in the western United States, having worked in Utah, Idaho, Washington, New Mexico and California before returning to his home state of Montana. Jason earned the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist designation from the American Meteorological Society (AMS) in 2005, and the original AMS Seal of Approval in 1998.

When he isn't busy forecasting the weather, Jason loves to watch and play sports (especially golf, basketball & football). He's also a big fan of movies, music, and staying in shape.

If it's a clear night, you might see him looking up at the sky...not in search of storms, but looking at the stars and planets. Astronomy ranks close behind meteorology in Jason's book.

Feel free to follow Jason on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and be sure to watch Jason's weather forecasts on KTVQ and your local MTN station!

Jason Stiff






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