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Marianne Williamson 'unsuspends' her 2024 presidential campaign

Williamson dropped out of the race earlier this month, but she now says voters "must respond" to the "fascist standing at the door."
Marianne Williamson 'unsuspends' her 2024 presidential campaign
Posted at 6:15 PM, Feb 28, 2024

She might be a long shot, but Marianne Williamson isn't losing sight of the presidency just yet.

The Democratic candidate announced Wednesday she is throwing her hat back in the ring, "unsuspending" her campaign after announcing she was calling it quits three weeks ago.

"I had suspended it because I was losing the horse race, but something so much more important than the horse race is at stake here, and we must respond," she said in a video posted to X. 

Williamson added that the U.S. has a "fascist standing at the door," referring to Republican front-runner and former President Donald Trump, and criticized her party's leader, President Joe Biden, for his economic policies. 

The self-help author's comments came hours after the president won the Michigan primary with around 81% of the Democratic vote. Williamson, running as a progressive to the left of President Biden, came in third with around 3% of the votes, beating out fellow presidential hopeful Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota despite having already suspended her race. Meanwhile, 13% voted "uncommitted," amounting to the second-highest number of votes.

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The uncommitted tally was rooted in voters' disapproval of the Biden administration's response to the war in Gaza. Williamson noted this in her video, calling for a cease-fire in exchange for Hamas' hostages.

The 71-year-old first announced her campaign for the presidency in March of last year, before President Biden announced he would seek reelection. In the last presidential election, she also tried her hand at a run but ultimately dropped out. In primaries so far this season, she's again had weak showings, receiving no more than 4% support in any contest. 

Williamson's campaign has rested on principles like eliminating student loan debt and providing tuition-free college, paid family leave, Medicare for all and guaranteed living wages. In her Wednesday video, she said she wants America to return to when "we actually had a thriving middle class."

"Some people tell [me], 'Miss Williamson, you're delusional,'" she said. "I'll tell you what's delusional: What's delusional is just closing our eyes and crossing our fingers and just hoping that somehow Biden and Harris will be able to beat that juggernaut of dark, dark vision."

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