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Investigation continues into explosion at hotel in Fort Worth, Texas

Natural gas was involved, officials say, but they aren't sure whether it was part of the cause or the effect of the explosion.
Investigation continues into explosion at hotel in Forth Worth, Texas
Posted at 7:47 PM, Jan 09, 2024

Fire investigators are still working to narrow down the cause of an explosion in Fort Worth, Texas, on Monday that injured at least 21 people and scattered debris from the historic Sandman Signature hotel downtown.

Officials have said natural gas was involved in the incident at some point, but say they still aren't sure whether it was a cause or effect.

“Obviously there was gas — natural gas — involved," Fort Worth Fire Chief Jim Davis said Tuesday. "We do not know if gas caused the explosion or the explosion caused the gas problem. So that’s part of the investigation.”

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The explosion caused much of the debris to collapse into the basement of the building, where victims were trapped and had to be rescued.

Aerial footage from the immediate aftermath showed extensive debris scattered over several streets, as well as at least one person receiving medical attention.

Firefighters swept the scene with dogs on Monday night.

Officials have said no people are missing following the explosion.

Some people suffered concussions from the explosion. Fifteen of those injured were hospitalized, health care officials said. One person remained in critical condition as of Tuesday evening.

Federal investigators, state energy regulators and utility workers are all continuing to investigate the incident.

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