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Truly alarming: Hard seltzer can smashes couple's window in Billings vandalism case

House vandalized by hard seltzer can
Posted at 5:36 PM, Oct 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-11 10:27:35-04

BILLINGS — A Billings couple is shaken up after a full can of hard seltzer was thrown at their window early Sunday morning. Now, they're looking for answers for this seemingly random act of vandalism.

“Haven’t had any problems around this neighborhood at all and all of a sudden someone wants to throw and your window," said Robert Gause, a Billings resident whose window was smashed by the can.

“We lived in Billings for 67 years. Been here for 14. Don’t have no problems around here. Lots of elderly people around here. Just want to live a quiet peaceful existence.”

The sense of peace was shattered early Sunday morning when the Truly seltzer can was thrown at their front window.

“12:26 in the morning, we heard this loud bang, we have these two little puppies who were barking real loud, we looked out the window, didn’t really see anything. We noticed the next morning when we came out, drinking our coffee on the porch, and noticed glass all over the porch. There was a Truly can there, alcoholic beverage, and a 10-inch hole in the window," Gause said.

The Gauses' security camera caught the whole incident. A white car drives by the house once, flips around to drive by again, then a person gets out of the car and throws the almost full can at the window before speeding away.

But identifying details of the people involved and car can't be made out easily.

“[We] called the officers, they came out, looked at it, took down notes. They told us if they found anything, they’d let us know.”

Gause says he hopes the person is found and the couple can find more answers for the late-night vandalism to their home.

“Just want to live for a quiet peaceful existence, I don’t think that’s too much to ask for around this area or in Billings itself generally.”