Ed McIntosh

Morning and Noon Meteorologist

While I was a disc jockey on a radio morning show, I was asked to host the TV broadcast of a parade. My co-anchor also happened to be the event organizer. When an accident happened with one of the floats, she was quickly called away without a word to me.

There I was on live television with the parade stopped in its tracks. This poor group of majorettes was left twirling their batons right in front of me while I thought of anything and everything I could talk about for roughly 20 minutes.

A few months later, I was offered a job as a weekend weather guy. If I could ramble on about a parade that wasn’t moving, they figured I could talk 3 minutes about the weather.

But early on, a contractor called to ask if it was a good day to pour cement. I realized the wrong answer would cost him and his crew. So it was back to college to study how to do the job right. I discovered my true interest in weather. I try to learn more every day.

I’m lucky to get to do what I love in Montana where my wife, Sandi, and I were born and raised, and where we brought up our three daughters. If you need help, folks stop with a towrope or jumper cables. If you want to get lost for a while, it’s a 15-minute drive.

After decades of telling you about the weather, what I have learned is that my job is to help you make decisions. About your daily plans, taking a trip, what to wear, how to stay safe, or whether or not to pour cement. I will always do my best to not let you down.

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