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Couple becomes parents of 4 babies in 3 months after years of infertility

Miracle triplets home after nearly 50 days in NICU meet older sister born just months earlier
Posted at 7:20 AM, Dec 12, 2023

Zac and Brittney Wolfe have four times the joy in their home this holiday season.

On Oct 19, this Pennsylvania couple welcomed a miracle set of triplets into the world following years of infertility. Now, nearly two months after the babies’ birth, Knox, Noa and Navie are home with their parents and their older sister, Charlie.

“Charlie finally got to meet her sisters and brother after 46 days in the NICU,” their dad Zac told “Good Morning America.” Four babies under four months old may be quite the challenge, but we’ve got this. We have a great support system and have a lot of help.”

Big sister Charlie was born in July, making her only three months older than her younger siblings. Now that’s a full house for Christmas! All four babies look fabulous by the Christmas tree in a photo shared by their parents on their official Facebook page.

Mom and Dad shared their “typical” daily routine with the four infants with People Magazine shortly after the triplets returned home.

“For us, we are working on a schedule so that we can get our rest as well!,” the family told People. “Currently, from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m., they are consuming 13 bottles between all of them. So, as you can imagine, this is tiresome! We are very fortunate and do have a lot of help from our family! This is truly the best Christmas gift that we could ever ask for!”

The Wolfes married in 2015 and couldn’t wait to become parents. Their journey to welcome children into their family didn’t go as expected. Years of infertility, tragic pregnancy losses and even adoption disappointments left the couple wondering if they would ever have the joy of holding a baby in their arms.

But something even more unexpected happened in 2023. After eight years of waiting, within just three months, the Wolfes became parents to four babies!

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How is this possible? Consider it the result of a lot of love and a pair of miracles.

Early in their quest to become parents, Zac and Brittney went through the grueling ordeal of infertility and then failed fertility treatments. They went through exhaustive testing to find out why they couldn’t conceive a child. Both wondered if a spinal cord injury Zac sustained in a 2011 car accident might be a factor.

Doctors could not give them a medical reason for their fertility issues. So, Zac and Brittney decided to try in-vitro fertilization.

“After several rounds of IVF, hundreds of miles back and forth to Pittsburgh, 7 transfers, 2 miscarriages, and a lot of money, we decided to give it a break yet once again and try on our own,” the couple shared on their adoption website.

But that didn’t work, either.

So, the pair decided to pursue adoption to find the child of their dreams. They published a website about their adoption journey and shared their story on social media.

Two years into their search, a neighbor contacted the Wolfes to let them know of a local woman who was interested in placing her baby up for adoption.

“We met with her and she asked us if we would adopt her baby,” Brittney told “Good Morning America“.” “So, we were there from about the middle of her pregnancy. I was with her at her 20-week ultrasound when we found out it was a girl. I was there through all of her appointments.”

Their adopted daughter, Charlie, was born on July 27, 2023.

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But, even before the arrival of baby Charlie, Brittney and Zac were still chasing their dreams to become parents.

In late 2022, in one last try to carry a baby, the couple learned about embryo adoption. This process transfers donated embryos into a woman’s uterus to allow her to experience pregnancy and childbirth. The first transfer failed; however, in March, the couple agreed to one more transfer.

Doctors transferred three embryos in April. At the first ultrasound, the couple hoped for good news.

They got it times three. All three embryos were viable and growing.

Brittney’s pregnancy was uneventful, and on Oct. 19, she gave birth to three children: daughters Noa and Navie and son Knox. Because they were premature, the babies were in the NICU for 46 days and were released on Dec. 7, just in time for their first Christmas.

Now, the entire Wolfe family is home for the holidays and counting their blessings.

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