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Countdown to kickoff: Fans share Super Bowl favorites

Scripps News hit the Vegas strip to ask Super Bowl fans the burning questions: Best QB? Top TE? And are you Team Usher or Team Taylor Swift?
Countdown to Kickoff: Fans share Super Bowl favorites
Posted at 1:06 PM, Feb 11, 2024

The 58th Super Bowl is about to rock Las Vegas for the very first time.

Throughout the week, anticipation built up with star-studded events, glamorous parties, and heartfelt charity gatherings. However, come Sunday, all eyes are fixed on one thing: which team will clinch the Lombardi Trophy.

Scripps News hit the Vegas strip to ask fans: Who's the better quarterback—San Francisco 49ers Brock Purdy or Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes? And this is what they had to say: 

"You have to take Mahomes; he has all the experience," said Kevin Wood.

"In Purdy, we trust! Since day one of last year, he's just been proven a warrior," said Manny Epigmenio.

"Mahomes, I've seen him throw a football out of the stadium," said Shawn Vandenakker.

"Mahomes is a generational talent," said Eric Culverson.

"Purdy, he's the next Tom Brady," said Ashley Liedkie.

Of course, we could not forget to ask: who is the better tight end? San Francisco's George Kittle or Kansas City's Travis Kelce?

“Travis is a better all around receiver. He's a mismatch on DBs because he's so quick with the big size,” said Christopher Alexander.

“Kelce. He pulled Taylor  Swift," sai Shawn Vandenakker.

“Kittle is better, but Kielce makes it look easier,” said Eric Culverson.

And overall, who's going to win it all? The San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Of course, the 49ers,” said Gwenda Armstrong.

“It's going to be the Chiefs,” said Eric Culverson.

“49ers because they are the best,” said Lisa McCracken.

“For sure, our San Francisco 49ers," said Kimisha Davis.

Perhaps an even greater question looms: Who's rallying behind Team Usher and who's championing Team Swift?

“I'd say Usher for sure,” said Cameron Alexander.

"I've got to go with Usher. But we'll wave to Taylor Swift,” said Kimisha Davis.

"Oh, Usher is who I grew up with, but I like Taylor. So both,” said Breanna Montreuil.

There are only a few more hours to go until we find out the actual answers to all these questions!

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