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Super Senior: Retired military doc Don See now manning secondhand store

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Posted at 5:06 PM, Nov 27, 2023

BILLINGS - Every first and third Saturday of the month, the United Methodist Free Store opens its doors.

It’s where you’ll find Don See hard at work, sorting through bags of clothes and shoes.

“This is a pair of shoes that has got a little bit of soil, but I can make it look perfectly new,” he says as he cleans the shoes with a brush.

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“I never thought I would enjoy sorting used materials, used clothes. I thought that was very depressing, but it isn’t,” Don says.

He knows the difference these shoes might make for someone else.

The United Methodist Free Store is just that—a place where people who need it, can shop for donated clothing and other household needs, all at no cost.

“You see the people come in here, and most of them they are hurting. They need it. They need this stuff,” he says.

Don volunteers at the store twice a week.

“He primarily does our shoes and if we don’t have enough shoes he gets concerned. So, he is coming from the heart and that makes such a great volunteer,” says Peg Parker, co-director of the Free Store.

For 20 years, Don served as a doctor in the military, earning the rank of colonel before coming to Billings and opening a private practice.

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He still has an interest in medicine and its history, particularly when it comes to the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Dr. Don was one of the presenters earlier this year during “Back to the future with Lewis and Clark week” in Billings.

“Surprisingly, most of the pills and powders and potions that they used then are still available. Things you wouldn’t think about,” he says.

He’s now 91, and he is still helping others, giving back his time to make a difference in the community.

“The fellowship here is really great. We are just having a good time and we all know that people are really needy, so it makes you feel good,” Don says.

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