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A Waiting Child: Shayda

Posted at 8:29 AM, May 15, 2023

GREAT FALLS - Every month, MTN News features a child in Montana who is waiting to find their forever family as part of the “A Waiting Child” program.

This month we meet 14-year-old Shayda in Great Falls. She loves basketball and playing Monopoly.

"Shayda is one of the best kids that I know," said social worker Lauren Erhard. "She is a very compassionate person, she is funny, she is caring, she makes people laugh and that's probably one of the best things about her."

"One thing that I am really good at is basketball, like I am good at mimicking moves and like getting them down and it's a fun way to get out your emotions," Shayda said.

"She really loves basketball, and she really loves art. She didn’t really talk about that but she loves art and she is really good at it," Erhard said.

"My favorite subject in school would have to be social studies because I like learning about the past," Shayda said. "And what I want to be when I grow up is I want to go into the Air Force. My favorite game would have to be Monopoly cause, like, it teaches you how to save your money, the rent and everything is really cool. What I think a good family would be, they’re loving, they’re caring and like they’ll understand, like you guys will have your ups and downs but they’ll still understand and forgive you and you can forgive them."

"I think knowing that she had the stability of a central unit to come home to every day would be the best thing for her," Erhard said. "Shayda has been through a lot in her young life, but she’s grown from it and she's learned from it and she would make any family exponentially better because of all of the love that she has to give to a family and ya know, that's all she wants, she wants to be able to give her love to a family."

"Why do I want to be part of a family is because I’ve never really had one growing up and I just feel like it’d be nice to know that there is people who support me, be there for me and I could, like talk to my problems and stuff with," Shayda said.

To learn more about Shayda and other children awaiting adoptions across the state, visit your MTN station’s website and search “A Waiting Child.”


For more information about adoption and/or fostering, contact the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services at 1-866-9-FOSTER. Children who are available for adoption through the Child & Family Services Division of the DPHHS have been removed from their own families because of abuse, neglect, or other family problems that make it unsafe for them to remain at home. The rights of their parents have been terminated making the children available for adoption.

Who May Adopt? Either married couples or single adults who have an approved pre-placement evaluation or adoptive home study may adopt in the State of Montana.

How do I get a home study? If you live in Montana, you may begin the process by contacting your of Child & Family Services. If you live outside of Montana, contact your state or local office that provide these services.

What about training? Montana Child and Family Services require and provide special training to all of our foster and adoptive parents. The training is offered at various times and places around the State of Montana.

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