5 things to know for July 22: Puerto Rico, Iran, Hong Kong, weather

Posted at 4:08 AM, Jul 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-22 06:08:06-04

Congrats to Shane Lowry! The Irish golfer captured his first major title by winning the Open over the weekend.

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1. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló won’t run for re-election next year, he announced last night. But he won’t resign, which is sure to tick off the people in the US territory who have been calling for him to step down. Mass protests against Rosselló started last week after offensive private chat messages between the governor and his inner circle were made public. A national strike has been called for today and protesters also hope to shut down a major highway in San Juan.

2. Iran

The UK is thinking about how to respond after Iran captured a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz. Britain has convened two emergency meetings of its national security officials to talk about the crisis and has warned UK ships to “stay out of the area” in the interim. Iran accused the ship, the Stena Impero, of “violating international regulations,” but observers say Iran seized the tanker because it is lashing out as it deals with the crippling effects of economic sanctions that were reimposed when the US pulled out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Meanwhile, Iran has detained 17 Iranian citizens it accuses of acting as spies for the United States. The country’s Intelligence Ministry says some of the 17 will be executed.

3. Hong Kong

Are organized crime gangs becoming involved in the political crisis in Hong Kong? That’s the question being asked after the city experienced a night of chaos after another day of protests. Tens of thousands of people marched in a seventh consecutive weekend of demonstrations over a now-suspended extradition bill. But last night, groups of masked men attacked people at train stations and on trains in an area north of the city. Forty-five people were hospitalized. Organized crimes gangs are known to operate in Hong Kong’s outer areas and the fear now is that they’re inserting themselves into this crisis. As for the protests, the marches yesterday started out peacefully, but ended with law enforcement firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters who charged at police.

4. Bulgaria data hack

If you live in Bulgaria, chances are pretty good you’ve been hacked. Hackers stole the personal data of more than 5 million Bulgarians (the country has about 7 million residents), meaning that just about every working adult there has been affected. The data was stolen from Bulgaria’s tax revenue office. A 20-year-old cybersecurity worker has been arrested in connection with the hack. The attack is extraordinary, but not unique. Despite the strict data protection law that came into effect last year across the European Union, hacks are still happening because it doesn’t take a sophisticated and carefully planned operation to break into IT systems. Tools available on the dark web make it possible for amateurs to break into computer systems.

5. Weather

The heat wave that’s baked half the nation will start to end today. People in the Midwest and Northeast should wake up to cooler temperatures this morning, CNN meteorologist Michael Guy says. A cold front from Canada has swooped south, bringing rain and relief from the heat. The heat wave, which stretched from New Mexico to Maine, resulted in two deaths and left tens of thousands of people without power. But not everybody was suffering under the heat dome. Parts of Montana reported record lows, with temperatures plunging to only 38 degrees Fahrenheit over the weekend.



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