Tom Brady roasts random Tweeter — and himself — over Madden stats

Posted at 9:20 AM, Jul 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-16 11:20:17-04

Tom Brady knows when it comes to quarterbacks, he’s not that fast. But he’s definitely faster than you, a regular person without six Super Bowl rings and a Hall of Fame football career.

Most people accept this, while others have to learn the hard way. When a random Twitter user criticized Brady’s rating in the upcoming Madden NFL 20 game, Brady himself was there to teach him a lesson.

Some background: Madden NFL ratings are a big deal to both fans and players, and it isn’t unusual for some feathers to get ruffled over which QB ranks where or what running back scored how high on their strength rating. When the newest ratings came out, Tom Brady was sitting pretty at #2 on the quarterback rankings (behind the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes), with a 96 rating overall.

Well, that didn’t sit will with Some Guy Named Matt on Twitter, who argued with the Yahoo Sports account about whether Brady, who is mad slow by football standards but incredibly fast by any other standard, is worth such a rating.

Yahoo Sports tried to warn him, but it escalated to him making the ultimate Some Guy Named Matt move: Asserting that he, a random Twitter user, was faster than Tom freaking Brady.

“I 100% could run faster and further than Tom. So could 50% of high schoolers, 80% of college players, and 99% of pros. Learn how to unbiasedly access the totality of a player, then adjust these numbers and I could possibly take you seriously,” the Matt wrote.

Tom Brady quickly shut him down in seven magic words: “I’m so much faster than you Matt.” He then posted a video poking fun at his own speed which by the way, earned him the lowest Madden QB speed rating.

A GOAT move. People loved it. Even Some Guy Named Matt was a good sport about it.

After all, it’s not every day you get taken out by the slowest QB in the league. At least, by Madden’s count. Argue about that amongst yourselves, but leave Brady out of it. You don’t want that smoke.