Georgia police release footage of finding a newborn in a plastic bag in the woods

Posted at 4:53 PM, Jun 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-25 23:52:12-04

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s office near Atlanta has released dramatic bodycam video from the night authoritiesfound a newborn baby wrapped in a plastic bag in the woods.

The footage, released Tuesday, was captured on June 6 in Cumming, Georgia about 40 miles from Atlanta.

The sheriff’s office said in a statement it “is continuing to aggressively investigate and to follow leads regarding Baby India. As of today, we are still receiving tips from across the country on the possible identity of ‘Baby India.’ “

The office said it decided to release the footage “in hopes to receive credible information on the identity of Baby India and to show how important it is to find closure in this case.”

In the video, a deputy is seen tearing open a yellow plastic bag and finding a crying baby still with the umbilical cord attached before placing her in a blanket.

“I’m so sorry,” one responder is heard saying, while another remarks, “She’s a sweetheart.”

Authorities took the baby to a hospital for treatment. Baby India is now “thriving” and in the care of Georgia Department of Family and Children Services, according to the sheriff’s office.

Authorities are still looking for the baby’s mother.

Residents in a nearby home stumbled upon Baby India when they checked out a noise coming from the secluded area. The baby is believed to have been just hours old when she was discovered.