David Spade reflects on sister-in-law Kate Spade’s death

Posted at 7:28 AM, Jul 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-23 11:32:47-04

David Spade is remembering all the loved ones he’s lost during his life — and there have been many.

The comedian, 55, is back with a new Comedy Central show, “Lights Out With David Spade,” and in a new interview discussed the success and setbacks he’s faced, including the death of his sister-in-law, fashion designer Kate Spade, who died by suicide at 55 in 2018.

“I feel like Katy wouldn’t have done it, five minutes later,” he told The New York Times of his brother Andy’s late wife, who suffered from depression and anxiety. “But these things happen and there’s no going back.”

He added that the designer was “so funny,” but somewhat introverted.

“I don’t know if agoraphobic is the word, but she didn’t like to mingle a lot; she’d have people at her house and she was always so funny,” Spade said.

The comedian also talked about other tragedies that have marked his life. He lost his stepfather to suicide at age 15, and best friend and frequent costar Chris Farley to a fatal overdose in 1997.

“People just started going right and left, and I would sit and stare at a wall,” he said. “I just said, ‘OK, I guess I’ll cross my fingers that it doesn’t happen to everyone.’ And more people would go.”

But, Spade said, he pushes on.

“Do you just stop doing what you’re doing because of a tragedy?” he said, adding, “You have to go, well, I still like doing this. Some people won’t be interested. But I did three sitcoms after that. It wasn’t totally horrible.”

“Lights Out” premieres July 29 at 11:30 ET on Comedy Central.