Country star Jake Owen claps back at anti-LGBTQ commenter

Posted at 6:11 AM, Jun 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-27 14:39:10-04

Please “Believe” that Jake Owen will not allow people to diss the LGBTQ community.

The country singer took on an Instagram commenter who had words to say regarding Owen’s latest song.

He recently debuted a preview of his cover of Cher’s 1998 hit “Believe” on his official Instagram account.

“Some of my closest friends and coworkers, are part of the #lgbt community and I couldn’t be more happy for the progress they have made,” Owen wrote in the caption. “I’m inspired by people loving people no matter who you are.”

Owen went on to say, “I BELIEVE the world needs more love. No matter where it comes from.

“So with that said, I googled ‘gayest’ songs of all time and the boys and I decided to put our country spin on Cher’s ‘Believe,’ ” he wrote. “Hope you dig.”

Not everyone did, and Owen responded to one commenter who wrote, “Suddenly I feel sick that I have tickets to your show here on Thursday night.”

The person went on to accuse Owen of deleting the original comment.

The singer responded, “I’m sorry you feel sick that you have tickets to my show Thursday night.”

“Maybe it would do you good to come out, smile, laugh, sing along with a bunch of strangers that are all going through what we call ‘life,’ ” he wrote. “I definitely didn’t delete your comment or anyone’s comment from this feed. It’s really only you and few other ignorant people that make yourself look silly.”

The singer asked the commenter to come find him for a hug at the concert if he or she attended.

“You need one,” he wrote. “If you decide not to come, trust me … we will all be okay. We like to share our shows with people that are kind, and loving.”