PD: Man kills his 81-year-old grandmother

Posted at 2:27 AM, Jul 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-31 04:27:00-04

The Chandler Police Department has arrested a 30-year-old man after officers said he killed his 81-year-old grandmother early Sunday morning.

It happened at around 3:30 a.m. near the area of Chandler Boulevard and the Loop 101.

When officers arrived at the apartment complex, they found Helen Smith dead.

Her grandson, Brandon Smith, took off but was eventually found.

According to police, Brandon was frustrated he was the only one in the family who was taking care of Helen, who suffered from dementia.

Helen had urinated on herself so Brandon took her to the bathroom for a shower. That’s when he slapped her in the face and she fell unconscious in the tub, police said.

He then told police he decided he didn’t want his grandmother to “live like this anymore” and wanted to kill her, according to court documents. So he went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and cut her throat, police said.

“I could not imagine, I could feel her feeling, walking in, seeing your mom dead,” said tearful Marca Whitehair, who lives in the apartment below the victim. She said she and her family heard the cries for help from other family members when they found their loved one dead.

“She was screaming, she was frightened,” said Whitehair. “She just kept yelling, like, ‘Grandma’s gone, grandma’s gone!'”

“Nothing like this has ever happened! I came out and there were about 20 officers, 20 cops cars around the building,” said Alan Blanchard.

Brandon faces a charge of first-degree murder. Police said he was already on probation for aggravated assault.