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'Black Panther' stunt actor Taraja Ramsess, children killed in crash

Ramsess' mother confirmed the crash on social media, and reports said the tragic accident happened just before midnight on Halloween.
'Black Panther' stunt actor Taraja Ramsess, children killed in crash
Posted at 3:37 PM, Nov 06, 2023

A stunt actor who found success with roles in major blockbusters including Marvel Studios' "Black Panther" and "Avengers: Infinity War" was killed in a car crash along with his children in the car. 

The death toll in the accident had risen to four by Monday as reports surfaced that Taraja Ramsess' 10-year-old son Kisasi Ramsess died after the crash, according to Atlanta-area authorities. Kisasi was put on life support following the accident. 

The DeKalb County Police Department cited a medical examiner report that said Kisasi had "succumbed to his injuries" on Saturday. 

Taraja's mother Akili Ramsess confirmed news of the accident on social media, writing, my "beautiful, loving, talented son Taraja" along with at least two of his children "were killed" the night before "in a horrific traffic accident."

Akili, who is a photojournalist and the executive director of the National Press Photographers Association, said Taraja's 13-year-old daughter Sundari, and his 8-week-old newborn daughter Fujibo were killed in the crash. Akili confirmed on social media on Sunday that Kisasi had later died. 

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Director Ava DuVernay released a statement about the deadly crash on social media writing, "My goodness, did he love his children. A happy, whole love. Beautiful to behold."

Local media reported that the crash happened just before midnight on Halloween. 

A crowdfunding page created before the death of Kisasi described Akili as a grandmother and mother whose "greatest joys are her three boys and 10 grandchildren."

"Her love and devotion to her family knows no limits," the profile said, calling it an "unfathomable" and "devastating loss."

The crash happened along an exit ramp from Interstate 285, which leads into the Atlanta-area's section of Interstate 20, according to reports. 

The exact cause of the crash remains under investigation. 

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