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Melstone's blue-collar Grebe brothers reuniting at Montana State

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Posted at 8:00 AM, Nov 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-18 10:00:47-05

MELSTONE — Bryce Grebe has had the perfect role model his entire life.

Older Brother Brody, now a defensive end for Montana State, laid out the blueprint on how to achieve a Division I football scholarship. But when Bryce is asked what Brody taught him, the answer is rather simple.

“He showed me hard work. He’s a hard worker. So he showed me how hard you have to work to get there and put in the time and effort," Bryce said. He’s a hard worker, so I really got that from him, how much work you have to put in.”

“People think it’s easy getting on the field. There are kids that stand on the sideline a lot," their father Jason said. "You have to work. You have to put the time in or you’re not going to get on the field. You’re going to drink a lot of Gatorade on the sideline.”

Working hard is a way of life for the Grebe family, and not only between the lines. Whether it’s working cattle on the ranch or doing sprints in the Melstone gym in the dead of winter, Bryce and Brody only know one speed – full throttle – and they can’t wait to put that on display together in Bozeman.

“Kids like that have an advantage at some point because when adversity hits them, they figure out how to get around the obstacles and keep working," Jason said.

“He’s a big part of my life. I played with him my whole life. Basketball kindergarten through eighth grade, so it’s exciting to be able to play with him again," said Bryce.

Bryce may be following in his older brother’s footsteps but he wants to carve out his own unique path. He’s anticipating that to be on the defensive side of the ball, though he could face some adjustment coming from the 6-Man game.

“Position-wise is going to be the hardest, and speed. Those guys are so fast. Coming from 6-man, a small school, the speed is just not there, so I’m going to have to figure that out," Bryce said.

One small Montana town has a set of big-time athletes pulling their hearts to Bozeman.