A Waiting Child November: Jared

Posted at 9:56 PM, Nov 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-11 12:31:25-05


November is National Adoption Month.

Jared is 20 months old.

There are over 3,000 children in Foster Care in Montana alone.

Q2 would like to introduce you to a very special one of those children---Jared.

Jared is 20 months old.

"He is a very lovable child that has a smile that will melt anybody’s heart," Foster mother Kari Reiter.

Jared has been in foster care since for almost 2 years.

He was removed when he was 2 months old due to physical abuse.

"There’s a lot of kids that are easier to place than children like Jared, but if people open up their hearts and their minds, I know that there’s a home for him," Reiter said.

He is a shaken baby, with permanent injuries as a result of the trauma.

"He is blind for the most part, he sees lights and shadows out of the right eye. He is 100 percent G tube dependent. He’s on a Bi-Pap at night," Reiter said.

Jared will require a home that will be able to provide stay at home care, or a nurse, though some monetary assistance will help with cost of care.

He loves dogs.

"The little dog we have likes to sleep next to him and he kinda curls into him and likes it," Reiter said.

Jared has taught his foster family a lot in his short two years of life.

"I’ve learned that these kids teach me more than I teach them, they also give us more than we are able to give them, and to me that makes it all worth while," Reiter said.

And though the road ahead may not be a totally easy one, Reiter says it is a doable one.

"Watching them grow and change, and just become who they’re meant to be, I just pray that when they leave our house, they continue to do that, and wherever they go finds the same excitement and joy and peace that I do in it all," Reiter said.

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