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KTVQ News Mobile App

Read and watch the latest local, state and national news, weather, and sports from - Billings, MT.


  • Continuous News Coverage
  • Breaking News
  • Local, State and National Sports Coverage
  • Local and State Political News

KTVQ Available on the App Store

KTVQ Stormtracker Mobile App


KTVQ is proud to announce a full featured weather app for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.


  • Highly responsive interactive map optimized for 3G and WiFi performance
  • Vertical and horizontal map display with looping
  • NOWrad, the gold standard for radar in the weather industry
  • Highest resolution satellite cloud imagery available
  • Exclusive patent pending Road Weather Index
  • Color coded weather alerts arranged by severity
  • Fully integrated GPS for current location awareness
  • Integrated compass overlay for 3GS models
  • Most accurate 10 day forecasts with both daily and hourly detail
  • Ability to easily save your favorite locations
  • Full featured and user tested
  • Earthquake plotting - tap on an earthquake to display its detail



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