Considering Solar? We’re Here to Help

7:48 AM, Apr 01, 2019

Today’s consumers want and expect options, including the energy used to power their homes. Many residential and commercial members are looking for a less expensive form of energy with ongoing savings. Some are looking for a green energy source. These two motives are why many homeowners are exploring rooftop solar panels.

The interest in alternative energy sources is also being fueled by decreasing costs for rooftop solar, the availability of financial incentives and the proliferation of companies offering solar panel installation.

Rooftop solar is a popular choice but consumers need to understand the true costs, the operational reality of it and actual energy savings. Homeowners should do their due diligence to determine whether its the right choice for their situation. 

We’re here to help.

As your trusted energy advisor, Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative can offer a candid assessment of your specific situation. YVEC has a different “bottom line” not tied to the sale of a product or service. We constantly strive to find new ways to help you use energy more efficiently.

Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative is keeping pace with changes and evolving technology in the alternative energy environment. We are exploring options that will help you manage your energy use such as energy star appliance rebates, heat pump rebates and solar stock watering rebates. 

Is rooftop solar right for you?

To help determine whether rooftop solar is right for you, Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative’s energy advisors look at the:

  • overall energy efficiency of the home/building
  • age and pitch of the roof
  • orientation of the sun in relation to the home/building
  • tree coverage near the home/building
  • weather patterns for the region

Unlike a solar company with one aim, and that is to sell their products and services, we look at the total energy picture and help you determine the best options for your home. Rooftop solar works for many people but it’s not the answer for all.

When helping Co-op members determine whether rooftop solar is right for them, a Co-op energy advisor will also discuss the financial considerations:

  • Is a large payment required upfront or are the fees spread out over time?
  • Are there hidden costs such as replacing the roof before panel installation?
  • Do ongoing maintenance fees exist?
  • Are rebates or other financial incentives available?
  • Are the estimated energy savings worth the investment?

Would other energy-saving measures be more cost-effective?

An energy advisor will analyze the total energy puzzle and factor in the current energy consumption, home “envelope,” age and efficiency of the HVAC system and home site. Co-op members will benefit from knowing whether rooftop solar is truly their best choice.

When assessing solar options, examining other potential energy efficiency improvements for your home is smart. For example, it may make sense to insulate the attic at the same time as installing solar. It may also make sense to take part in a community solar project. In fact, YVEC is exploring the installation of a community solar array for the benefit of its members. Look for more information in the coming months.

YVEC recognizes that consumer interest in green energy sources and renewables is at an all-time high, and we stand ready to help our members determine their best options. For more information on community solar array options please go to

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