Billings Clinic Infusion Center Provides Patient Comfort and Peace of Mind

9:08 AM, May 08, 2019

Spending time in an infusion center can be long, uncomfortable and maybe even scary. After all, those treatments are to help treat an illness, often a serious one, and that can represent a difficult time in a person’s life.

But infusion can be a vital, life-saving, or life-changing treatment for many patients as they deal with their illness. That’s why ensuring that they’re comfortable and cared for by a professional team of expert, certified caregivers there for the entire journey is so important.

At the Bob and Penni Nance Infusion Center at Billings Clinic, the goal is to do just that by creating a welcoming space for each patient while giving them and their loved ones the peace of mind of knowing they’re being cared for by an experienced, in-house staff with the knowledge and expertise of Montana’s largest health care organization supporting them.

“Our team is here to guide you every step of the way,” said Kristin Klebe, manager of the Billings Clinic Infusion Center. “We have a complete team all under one roof to coordinate treatment and make sure our patients are getting the care they need.”

While infusion centers may be most commonly associated with treating cancer patients, which is a service offered at the Billings Clinic Infusion Center, they also help patients with a wide range of other treatments using intravenous methods requiring an injection. At Billings Clinic, that includes biotherapy, antibiotic treatments, and blood product transfusions, injections for treatments such as bone health or hormone production, pheresis for conditions such as sickle cell disease and antivirus medications. It also offers the only FACT-accredited stem cell transplant program in Montana and Wyoming.

At the heart of the Infusion Center is its staff. Billings Clinic offers a complete, professional team of over 20 people, including 15 full-time nurses with a combined 187 years of nursing experience. Most of those nurses are oncology certified, and all are bio- and chemotherapy certified. The team also includes two licensed pharmacists managing the infusion pharmacy and an in-house pharmacy technician to prepare all medications safely on-site and patients may work with social workers, chaplains, receptionists, patient care navigators, financial counselors, pharmacists, and others

With the entire team under one roof, they coordinate with the patients, their families, each other and the patients’ physicians to provide the right care. They have access to the expertise and resources of all of Billings Clinic, which is the region’s largest health care organization and includes over 450 physicians and advanced practitioners in more than 80 specialties and subspecialties.

“With a multidisciplinary team working together, it really lets us focus on finding the best way to take care of our patients, and if we need other resources or have questions, we have all of Billings Clinic right there to help,” Klebe said. “There’s a peace of mind and confidence that comes with that.”

The Infusion Center itself offers all patients plenty of amenities in a comfortable, welcoming space. On the fourth floor of the Billings Clinic Cancer Center, it is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Billings and is open for treatments seven days a week.

Those getting treatment at the center have individual spaces with room for loved ones, who are welcome to visit, and expansive views of the Rimrocks and Downtown Billings. Each space includes cozy seating and individual televisions to help pass the time, and private rooms are available for those who need them.

“Keeping patients comfortable is important to the team here,” Klebe said. “We know people do better when they feel comfortable and taken care of, and we strive to provide that for everybody who comes through our doors.”

The Billings Clinic Infusion Center is located at 801 N. 29th St. and is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on weekends and holidays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information, call (406) 238-2500 or visit

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