Let's Be Socially Responsible in all 55 of Montana's State Parks

4:11 PM, Jun 04, 2020
4:14 PM, Jun 04, 2020

Montana is a unique place. We live for the outdoors, we love our heritage, and we have some of the finest landscapes in the world right out our back door. Yet, our state park system lags behind our neighboring states. However, right now, our main goal at the moment is to keep park visitors and staff healthy and safe when visiting State Parks.

Outdoor recreation is more important than ever. State Parks foster a sense of connection to our great state and provide invaluable mental and physical health benefits.
It is important to keep socially responsible behavior in mind when visiting Montana’s 55 State Parks. This can include Social distancing when recreating, practicing leave no trace principles, including packing out all waste. This summer, the Montana State Parks Foundation reminds to recreate responsibly at all Montana State Parks.

The Montana State Parks Foundation is the official nonprofit fundraising partner of Montana State Parks. Montana's unique outdoor recreation culture and spectacular natural assets deserve a park system that is world-class. Yet for years, government funding has fallen far short of delivering the high-caliber system of parks and front country recreation amenities that Montanans deserve.

The Montana State Parks Foundation helps bridge that gap. We are a 501c3 dedicated to helping Montana's state park system become one of the best in the nation through private fundraising and capacity building in areas where government funding is simply not enough.

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Montana State Parks Facebook

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