Bannack Living History FREE 4 Day Event

11:07 AM, Sep 03, 2019

Come see Montana's first territorial capital come to life at this incredible four day FREE event! Bannack Living History Program depicts the first 20 years of Bannack’s history. The program uses exhibits and artifacts to help you experience what it was like to live where the Montana Gold Rush began. See an 1862 placer mining camp, blacksmithing, general store, school house, saloon, boarding house, butcher shop, Sunday service in the old church, and more historically accurate depictions of life in the early years of Bannack. Discover what the old west was really like!

Demonstrations and reenactors at the event are historically researched, and accurately portrayed by Montana History “Live” Inc. in cooperation with Montana State Parks.

This year, the event takes place on Sept 19-22nd

This is a great event for the entire family and a great way to relive the excitement of the Gold Rush era in Montana!

Her more information:

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