Extra help available for those wanting to start their own child care business.

1:45 PM, Mar 18, 2020

Eastern Montana has a need for caring, confident, and competent people interested in operating licensed child care businesses. If you’re a parent looking for a way to stay home with your children while also earning an income, or an empty nester who would still like to be surrounded by the energy of younger children, running a licensed child care business out of your own home might be a great opportunity.

Opening a business is always a challenging task. Opening a licensed child care facility can seem even more daunting but it doesn’t have to be; with a positive attitude and an assist from regional childcare services organizations, you can get your home-based child care business set up on a solid foundation which will let you turn your love for children into a career.

Linda Carlson, owner of TLC Daycare in Billings always knew working with children was her passion. As a single mother of three girls, she wanted to be at home with them and decided being an in-home child care provider would help her do just that. Even now, after her own children grew up, she finds being a licensed childcare provider immensely rewarding.

“Licensed providers help parents and children from every walk of life,” she said. “There are so many who need someone to help them in their journey of parenting and the child care business has come a long way,” she continued. “I have had some awesome mentors in this field and there are so many people and organizations like HRDC7 in Billings which work so hard to improve Montana’s childcare system.

Eastern Montana needs more licensed child care providers like Carlson in communities from Billings to Miles City to Harlowton and everywhere in-between. If you have an interest in shaping the lives of the youngest Montanans, HRDC7 Community Action Agency has the expertise and resources to help you build your own high-quality child care business. Visit the website or call 406-247-4732 in Billings or 406-665-3500 in Hardin to learn more and find out all the ways HRDC7 can help you create a way to successfully work from your own home.

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