5 reasons you should start saving for your child’s higher education now

11:51 AM, Apr 25, 2019

Win $529 toward your child’s future education!

Parenthood is an adventure – a messy, tiring, magical adventure.
From sleep schedules, to perfecting baby food recipes, to triple checking the car seat, there is nothing more important than the well-being of our children. We work hard today to ensure our children have successful futures.

Sometimes parenthood can feel like you are in the trenches. It’s hard to look past the challenge at hand, let alone a decade in the future. Is that chocolate smeared on the wall … or something else? How am I going to tell? It’s understandable that your child’s higher education may not be on the top of your list of concerns right now.

College may seem too far off, but a little foresight could make a difference for you and your child’s financial future. Here’s why starting an Achieve Montana 529 college savings accountis easy and worth it!

  1. A little now can turn into a lot later.

The earlier you save, the better off your child could be when it’s time for college. Having children of any age brings expenses – childcare, diapers, braces, and gallons upon gallons of glue for making slime. That’s why Achieve Montana’s plans are designed to be low cost. In fact, you could start an account for just $25. The sooner you start saving, the more your savings will build.

  1. College or trade school, in-state or out of state … Achieve Montana works!

The higher education preference of your child may not be a traditional four-year university. That’s OK! Achieve Montana accounts work in and out of state and for nearly any accredited college, technical, or vocational school. In addition to tuition, funds can be used toward qualifying expenses such as laptops, books, educational related software, and room and board.

  1. Tax benefits for you anyone who contributes.

Earnings in an Achieve Montana account grow tax deferred and are free from federal taxes when used for qualified higher education expenses. If you are a Montanan, you may be eligible for even more benefits!*

Don’t forget to tell grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Anyone can contribute to a child’s savings fund. Tell Aunt Edna no more stuffed animals! Her $20 would be better spent as a contribution to her niece or nephew’s 529 account.

  1. WIN hundreds of dollars toward your child’s education!

Achieve Montana is celebrating national 529 Day by giving away money! Sign up to win one of three $529 scholarships toward an Achieve Montana account. You don’t have to currently have an account open to enter. Enter to win here by May 23.

  1. It’s easy to get started.

Sometimes the hardest part of any great thing is getting started. Achieve Montana makes it easy. You can sign up for just $25 online. Take a few minutes to get your child’s account set up, then you’ll be back to your regularly scheduled date with your child’s cartoon character of choice. Open an account todayfor your child’s future.

*Achieve Montana account owners who are Montana residents are entitled up to a yearly $3,000 deduction to adjusted gross income per taxpayer, in computing their Montana State income tax, or $6,000 for those married, filing jointly, based on contributions to Achieve Montana. Contributions may be subject to recapture in certain circumstances, such as a non-qualified withdrawal, a withdrawal used to pay elementary or secondary school tuition expense, or a withdrawal or distribution from an account that was opened within three years prior to the date of the withdrawal or distribution.

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