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Billings Heights schools locked down for one hour; suicidal boy apprehended with gun

Posted at 2:21 PM, Sep 25, 2018
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:51:35-04

BILLINGS- All schools in Billings Heights were on lockdown for about an hour Tuesday afternoon after police received a report of a suicidal boy with a handgun, according to Billings police.

The report came at 1 p.m., and a heavy police presence was in Billings Heights looking for the boy, according to Lt. Brandon Wooley.

The boy was found about 2 p.m. near Castle Rock Middle School, uninjured, and a firearm was recovered at the scene. He was taken to a local medical facility for evaluation.

Police believe the boy did not intend to hurt anyone else at a school.

Billings School District Superintendent Greg Upham said in that hour, no one was allowed in or out of the schools.

“We use a robocall system. We just put together a release that goes out via cell phone. We stay in contact with the Billings police, and they keep us updated. As soon as the student is apprehended or if there is any other information that we need to share then we do that. In this case, about 45 minutes later they apprehended the student and had taken him into custody,” Upham said.